Vital 1.0.8 LFO modulation bug


Found a bug in LFO modulation which only happens if loading certain presets, even without playing a note, it will just trigger the bug and any other preset that uses LFO will get affected.
[Private video here]

I posted a topic @KVR forum here

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on which version were the preset made that cause this? (open it with a text editor, at the end is version number)

had some bug with a preset from 1.0.4, same preset made with 1.0.5 worked fine… :upside_down_face:

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Both made in “1.0.7”

this is something different then.

I’d attach the presets for test, but still new, can’t use such feature.

not sure, what exactly you have to do, but maybe this helps…

You should be able to upload now, if you send the presets I’ll see about a fix.

Thanks @Tytel , presets attached. Looking forward for the fix :slight_smile:
TEMP - Juno-60.vital (170.6 KB)
SYNTH - Freshness.vital (1.2 MB)

A little gentle bump to this thread :slight_smile: