Vital 1.0.7 weird GUI bug (window doesnt resize, bugs out when you try)

OS: Windows 10
DAW: FL Studio 20

Anytime I open up the plugin, it opens up with the window really scaled out, to the point where it covers most of the DAW gui and still has things going out of the screen. On trying to resize it, it just bugs graphically and doesnt actually budge. This issue came much later after installing it for the first time, however it doesnt seem to fix, even on completely removing every single vital-related file from the system, and re-installing it freshly. I saw another (sorta) similar post that talked about scaling and stuff and my scaling’s all default values:

  • Main gui: System
  • Popups: Main
  • Toolbars: Main

I’m not sure as to how anyone could reproduce this bug, as it had randomly appeared and doesnt seem to fix at all. Here’s a vid demonstrating exactly what the bug is: vital bug.mp4 - Google Drive

Click the V from Vital on the top left


And choose a size


Ah thanks, didn’t know that was a thing, fixed my problem : )

Offtopic, but not sure if the graphic buggy-ness should happen there in that scenario, just a call out to the devs for a tiny thing to fix maybe.

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