Vital 1.0.7 (Mac) not working with Reaper 6.45 (latest)

Load instance of Vital, choose a preset: works. Try to change to another preset, it hangs, Reaper has to be Force Quit. Restart Reaper, reload Vital, load a preset, close the plugin window: Vital UI goes all black, window does not close, it hangs, crashes Reaper.

no problems here
mojave, old mac mini 2012, i7, latest reaper 6.45

did all your actions: no problem
changing presets either with cursor keys or filebrowser without a hickup

how do i get the virtual keyboard “input centric” in repaer ?
whenever i do something in the pluginwindow the virtual keyboard gets inactive
and i cannot enter notes…
on the wintel pc there are context-menus to switch this on - can’t find something similar on the mac version

window float on top is activated for the virtual keyboard

Well, I’m happy for you, but here it behaves as I described, with MacOS 10.14.6 (latest 10.14 release), 2015 MacBookPro (max memory etc), Reaper 6.45.

Option+B opens and closes the virtual keyboard on MacOS. If it gets lost behind other windows, just hit that key combo twice.

thanks - yes
i want a continuus input regardless what is frontmost
finally found that 2fingertap on the trackpad (right-click) in the lower part of the VKB
gives me the desired choice


also explained in this thread:

as for your problem:
have you tried it with different incarnations, like AU, VST2 VST3 ?