Vital 1.0.7 Crashes Ableton 11 (Mac OS Monterey)

Hi. Really big fan of the synth and I use it quite a bit in all my projects. I noticed that as of late, I can’t use the plugin as it causes my ableton to freeze and the only escape out of it is to force quit. This happens on existing projects, new projects, uninstalling the app + reinstalling.

I noticed this happening when I was on Mac OS Catalina and I thought by updating the os it would fix this. I was wrong.

Running Mac OS 12.5 Monterey // UAD Apollo Twin X Duo // Ableton Live 11.0.12

Can you help me please?

Using the standalone version, sign out and work offline

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Did that. Still causes the daw to crash.

What plug-in format are you using? Vst, vst3, AU? Try using a different version.