Vital 1.0.5 lv2 fails

I was just trying out the new release, and the Linux startup crash for NVidia has been fixed. All is not rainbows and unicorns though. Any attempt to use lv2 either from QTractor as a plugin or jalv.gtk as a standalone hangs. This seems as if it’s a GUI thing as I created a patch using lv2 Vital 1.0.3. I saved this as an lv2 state. With the 1.0.5 version, I could load the state from jalv or jalv.gtk, and I could play it fine. There was no GUI from jalv.gtk though. QTractor on the other hand becomes completely unresponsive.


I can verify this. And then some…

I predominantly run plugins inside either Ardour (if they’re stable) or a standalone Carla instance. I’ve also added jalv to verify the original. So the results:

Carla, Ardour, jalv all act the same. Plugin loads OK, sounds OK, however opening the UI hangs the LV plugin host. Not even a X client is spawned.

I’ve also tested the standalone app, which is running OK, however consumes CPU time of ~1 core constantly; immediately upon opening the window.

The VST3 plugin in ardour works, yet again, while the GUI window is open, the CPU starts crunching without apparent reason and the control responsivness is abysmal, specifically:

  • longer the window stays open, more time it takes for any clicking operation to take effect
  • some of the operations won’t apply until new mouse event happens (click, scroll, drag,…). this one seems pretty random

OS: Arch
Audio: JACK
Vital: 1.0.5
Kernel: 5.10.6-arch1-1
CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-7600U CPU @ 2.80GHz
RAM: 5203M / 15755M (33%)
VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation HD Graphics 620 (rev 02)

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I wonder what’s up with the CPU on your system with the standalone. I’m not seeing this myself with either 1.0.3 or 1.0.5. Boxes tried 1) old Optiplex with an i7-3770/NVidia Quadro 2000 2) other old Optiplex with an i5-3570/Intel on-die GPU.

I have the same issue here with 1.0.5 - as soon as I open the GUI, Ardour crashes and exits (both lv2 and vst).
I can get 1.0.3 to work, however that is very unstable and quickly consumes all cpu.

My system is Ubuntu Studio 20.10, intel i7, 16GB ram and NVidia GT 635M (390.141 driver).