Visual indication that a patch has been modified

It would be nice if once an existing patch has been modified this could be shown in the GUI (e.g. with a ‘’ next to the name of the patch, as normally done in many other software packages. Once the patch is saved, the '’ should be then removed until something else is modified again.

I am on wondows 10 64bit, run a subscription version (1.0.2) of Vital in standalone mode.
[25-11-2022] just tried to run vital also as VST inside cakewalk (version 2020.11), and also in there i see no asterisks when i modify any parameter in a preset.

Thank you for the consideration.



Is there not an asterisk next to the name? There is for me

Not in my installation. No asterisk if i modify parameters of an existing preset.

I have a subscription on win10.

That’s bizarre. There’s an asterisk for mine that works perfectly. Hope they add it to your version soon

Are you on windows too?

This, as well as a compare button to A / B changes.

Just on the * thing … it only appears for me when I use the mod-wheel on my midi keyboard. Any other changes dont make it show up.

win 10 64bit

I just try that asterisk * thing and if i change a presets it shows me a * on every preset now ???

In my installation not even the modwheel affects the *