Visual Bug, FL Studio

Hello Vital Team, I had this problem of Vital some versions earlier too. I start my FL Studio 20.8 and Load Vital into it, its gotten big glitches in rendering the visuals, the synth is working but the visuals not. If i start the synth itself in normal exe, I got no bug, the devs of Image Line sent me to this forum since they couldnt help me. My FL Studio settings are the standard GUI settings.
this is the error:

Here is a Video:

Hope someone can help me!

You’re using the VST 3 version. Try using the VST 2 version. That has solved the issue for some people.

Can you try downloading the latest (1.0.5) from and see if that fixes this issue?

I reinstalled the synth, tryed both versions and it is still the same, I also got now the bug on the windows exe version.

Thanks, can you let me know what your monitor/resolution settings are?
Like how many monitors are you using? Are any of them high DPI? What’s your Windows OS scaling set to? I have a few monitors here so will try and replicate your setup.

I am using 1 monitor on 1920x1200 my windows is set on 100% scale, 96dpi my windows says i dont know if that matters but my system is running on windows 7 and i am using a Samsung Syncmaster 245b.

Hi @YIKES. I don’t believe Windows 7 is officially supported.

Ah yeah I don’t support Windows 7 unfortunately ( though for some people it does function )