Virtual piano keyboard


It will be great if you can add a virtual piano keyboard (Qwerty and Azerty) for standalone app.

There is QWERTY virtual piano keyboard support in the standalone app. Use ASDFGHJKLM to play the white keys, use WE TYU OP to play the black keys, use ZX to change the octave. You may need to click on the virtual keyboard first to make sure it receives keyboard input.

See my new issue regarding the layout:

As the user of a French AZERTY keyboard, I’m well aware of the issue. :slightly_frowning_face:

I was not aware how much support is already in the code for alternative layouts. I see you posted about it in Feature Requests, I feel this could almost be posted in Bugs.

Maybe what is missing from code is an automatic or user-friendly way to configure it, with a nice user interface.

I was uncertain whether to post it in Bugs or Feature Requests. Since the corresponding code is intentionally not used, I thought a Feature Request might be more adequate.
I will make a link in Bugs then too.

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If you’re willing to compile 1.0.6 yourself, you can use the patch I made. Works like a charm.