Very Minimal dark theme

Hi everyone, just spent some time creating an ultra-minimal theme that suits my tastes. Let me know what you think! Thanks!


Wooooow dude, it’s pretty cool skin. How long did it take you to make it?

Thanks. Didn’t actually take too long - just changed some master settings.

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It looks nice. I have to laugh a bit…I’m old enough to have started computing on monochrome monitors and the idea of stripping all the color out is so retrograde that it’s funny. I am tempted to mod your theme and make it orange like the terminals of the VAX mainframe I once suffered learning FORTRAN on. I do like your theme though, well done.

Thanks everyone for the positive feedback - I have also just finished another very minimal dark theme called ‘Midnight’. It’s a bit more extreme, but is very easy on the eyes in a dark room.

Midnight.vitalskin (9.8 KB)

Hope you like it.


Listen, can you somehow make a theme with purple or pink shades in your free time?

Sure, I’m not that keen on it but I’ve done a purple theme:

Purplepink.vitalskin (7.9 KB)


OMG, IT’S BEAUTIFUL. Thank u!!! (I’m sorry I don’t know your name)

as soon as i see it, i was “wow”. it is beautiful and calm. Thanks for your time and effort.

Super cool! :slight_smile:

This is awesome! Great work.

How did you change the skin? Is there a website to do it or did you just change it in like MS Paint? Haha may be a dumb question but i usually just make music. I’ve always wanted personalized skins but never wrapped my head around how people do it.

Hi, you just need to hold alt and click the hamburger menu at the top of Vital. Then just open the skin editor.

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Oh damn that easy? Sweet! Thanks man!

I like it! Mind if I do a derivitave? I’m thinking with some white mixed in it would feel like a charcter’s colors out of a Mega Man game!

Sure, as far as I’m concerned my theme is open source, so do what you like with it.