Version Numer and Change Log on Download Page

It would be great to have version number mentioned along with full change log on Vital installer download page.


Yes thats would be nice.

I agree. At least the version number would be helpful, considering the multitude of bugs and deficiencies it would be nice to know if a new version is available.

It’s neither really obvious, nor convenient, but if you hover your mouse cursor over the download button, your browser displays the underlying link at the bottom of the window. And there you can see the version number just at the end.


Doesn’t work on Mac. Length of the link appears to be longer than the browser window.

I very much second the request for clearer version numbers and announcements of new versions.

Also, it would be nice if the file name actually included the version number. At least the Linux .deb package is just called VitalInstaller.deb, which is a little confusing when downloading new versions.

Related, it would also be nice if I could download older versions, in case updates happen to have significant bugs (as is currently the case for some Linux users, as detailed in another thread). If these exist anywhere on the site, I haven’t been able to find them…

If I click on “All Downloads” on the account page(“Your products and content”, see screen shot in SeBaer’s post above), I see all the available downloads, obviously numbered, going back to 0.8.2.

Not sure which OS and browser you are using, its clearly not working on macOS High Sierra with google Chrome & Safari.

Clicking on All Downloads just reloads the page with same content.

Can you post a screenshot of your page ?

I’m using MacOS 10.14.6 (Mojave), Safari 14.0.2, I’m logged in to the Vital page, and paid for the Pro version. The “All Downloads” page has URL, and the first part of the page after the header looks like this (assuming image upload worked)

Thanks for the screenshot. I am using free version at the moment, looks like free accounts dont have the option.

Using Firefox on Linux, there is nothing on the “All downloads” page. I click on the link, a loading icon swirls for a second, then nothing. I only have the basic version of Vital, but surely this shouldn’t be a factor? (Or if it is, at least it should be made clear on the page!)

Edit: just confirmed that it doesn’t work with Chrome, either.

here: mac osx mojave, chrome-> no version number visible…

And when I click on All Downloads, everything vanishes, and I have no download options left at all… :man_facepalming:
Edit: I have just the free version…

It appears the download page is now fixed. (Works for me, at least.)

Yes, it is… :+1:

Not quite

Account page :

After clicking All Downloads

Update : Download page seems to be working fine now with all version starting from 0.8.2, still no changelog.