Velocity volume per note sensitivity?

Hi all,

Am I missing something here? When I create a patch with the velocity tracking on and play a chord in my DAW (Logic Pro) the highest note velocity sets the total output of the patch. Should it be that way?

I’d like a patch to have a specific note louder than the others. So for example a chord might have the middle notes louder than the lowest and highest.

Is that something VITAL can do?

Maybe the patches I’ve made aren’t setup quite correctly?



What are you mapping velocity to?

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Thanks for the response! :slight_smile:

I have VEL TRK (Velocity tracking) on max but Velocity is set to a macro which is controlling the Volume of Oscillator 1 and 2.

I guess what I’m trying to achieve is anything patch that would respond as a sample based instrument would depending on how high or low the MIDI sensitivity is. For example a piano or string instrument in a DAW. If the velocity is higher the volume of that note would be higher.


Turn the volume of osc down, then adjust the macro/velocity to get the output you want. Play with both to see if you can fine tune it. You may need to combine with an envelope to get the attack decay right.

If that’s not helping, post a patch.

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forget about the macro
it seems to make it monophonic
i.e.: the latest value (of velocity) regulates the whole loudness

simply set VelTRK to 100 and you’re good to go

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Interesting. I wonder why it would make things monophonic?

I’ll give it a shot!


because it is a macro
the purpose of a macro is assemble/summarize multiple values and distrubute them as one value…

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Ah I see. Gotcha.

Thanks for taking the time to help. I appreciate it!

Seems like the problem is solved now by using the VeLTRK at 100.

Cheers !

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