Veena Sarod Sarangi

Has anyone created seed Presets for Veena, Sarod, Sarangi and/or have thoughts on how to go about creating them?

I searched for these here and else where, and barring some research papers, do not see much discussion or downloadable(s).

Thanks Sri.

Here is an attempt for tanpura, and with vital we can tune the synth according to the shruti system without scala, also funny generative stuff using Arohi Avarohi (ascent descent) with the LFO and modulation matrix.
Tampura JI.vital (2.8 MB)

Tinga thanks for your note. I also came across your tanpura preset when I was browsing the forum and downloaded it and took look at it. It was quite useful looking at what you have used/done. Hoping to use/adapt to explore. Sri.

I was screwing around and came up with this…might be a start?no name.vital (390.0 KB)

Santoor.vital (1.2 MB)
First attempt for a santoor, usable for 2 octaves.

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Tinga your Santoor preset is quite nice. I just played it. I will spend more time tomorrow understanding the details of the preset. May be you can share details of your approach - so I and others can learn. Thanks Sri.

Tinga I am addingindian_12.scl (189 Bytes) a scala file for Indian Classical 12 note tuning. I was not sure about the tuning you are using. Thanks Sri.

For the first try, I resynthetised a sample of santoor, here is different sound, I have to improve the envelopes. I use North Indian Gamut tuning, tuning saved in the lfo bank.
Santoor ji.vital (1.5 MB)
Santoor ji octave.vital (1.2 MB)
Santoor 1b.vital (1.2 MB)
Santoor 1a.vital (1.2 MB)
Santoor 1.vital (1.2 MB)
Santoor.vital (1.2 MB) (1.0 KB)

:grimacing: Sorry, tunings were totaly wrong, I replace all the files, they are correct now, for the tuning system, I use the fine tune of the oscillators and also the comb filter freq.
Vital is realy cool, we can store all tunings we want in the LFO bank, of course I use Scala software for calculation, and GTune to tune.
Cool music on your youtube channel.


Thanks for the Updated Presets. Can you elaborate on the need for GTune ? Vital allows importing SCALA tuning file. (I posted the one I use here few days ago).

I browsed your channel earlier today and amazing, diverse and wonderful content. Keep it up.
Will subscribe soon.

Thanks for your interest in my You Tube channel. I have been distracted for the past 2-3 months and but will be uploading more ragas and songs soon, including vocals.

One of my projects is to create Raga Visualization of key Ragas on GeoShred (for helping self learning by others). I am keenly interested on your thoughts – if I could pick any one of them [may be Kalyani] and how helpful it is for you.

Thanks Sri.

Hi Arsreedhar
I tune Vital using modulation matrix, sometime a picture is more clear.

Here is my last preset with an interesting keyboard mapping, more coming soon, Raga Darbari Kanada.vital (183.5 KB)


It took me a while to get an idea of what you are doing.

a) You are using a VST plugin GTUNE
b) You are then adjusting the pitch in cents for each Note Key
c) I read about this in GTUNE documentation … so get a sense of this
d) I have not downloaded/install the GTUNE vst plugin
e) I did download your Raga Darbari Kanada .Vital imported it and browsed through it.
f) I see in the matrix view that you are mapping Note In Octave Key to Osc 1 Tune
g) But I do not see the pitch adjustments for each key - I assume it is setup in GTUNE…

I am at loss as to why this elaborate [rather unnecessary] mechanism when VITAL supports SCALA files which is enormously simple, universal and powerful paradigm for specifying and executing tuning configurations. It is just that VITAL left some loose strings untied.


P.S. Are you saying you are importing SCALA files with GTune? Even then I do not see any reason for using GTUNE.

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There are several reason I do like that, firstly i’m an iconoclast, seriously, the filters in vital aren’t tuned by scala, and in many sounds i make, i use filters resonance to generate notes, so I have to tune manualy the filters, the music I pratice is generative, it can play during hours, days, weeks…that means I have to use many program change, (in my daw, Buzz, I can make a snapshot of all vital’s parameters), but for tunings change it needs a validation with mouse or keyboard, not possible for an autonome system.
So my technique is more flexible for what I do.
GTune doesn’t do anything, just a tuner, a visual control in Hertz and cents, of course nothing to do with Scala, Scala or others sources give me the tunings, and I tune manualy in the modulation matrix, like I do with my guitar and a tuner.