Various bug reports

I don’t know if these have already been addressed, but here are some bugs I have noticed (and I’ll try to update the thread if I can remember the other ones I saw):

  • When duplicating a track in Live 11, the new track forgets the preset (just the name, the parameters are duplicated)
  • The filter values are shown in “semitones” instead of Hertz.

In DSP, filters are often times measured in semitones. For example, a 12 db/oct low pass filter means that for every upwards octave, it is lowered by 12 dB. So it will change from synth to synth.

here, mac osx mojave/logicX/standalone that is, the
filter cutoff frquency (voice as well as effects) is shown in Hz (not in semitones)
so: problably some sort of preference somewhere?

In the advanced tab you can change the “Display” settings to set “Hz” as your preferred Frequency unit.

There is a “problem” with the preset names. That gets reset. The parameters are being copied. Dev already gave feedback about this and there will be a fix soon

I think it depends on filter to filter. For combs, semitones are pretty useful, but regular LP HP BP filters might not need semitones as much.

I love to see s.tones for all filters in certain applications. Other times hz is better. So i like that matt build in a switch

As others said there’s an option in the advanced panel to switch to hz.
The latest version (1.0.4) should fix the “Init Preset” issues:

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