V 1.0.0 - issues, maybe bugs or unfinished little things

Version 1.0.0

  • Second LFO seems to jump (restart sequence in sync mode?) if hit Key on Midi Keyboard
    (sync mode when running daw jumps to start if hit a key - for me just in LFO 2)

  • Saved LFO dont show in the LFO Presets Window

  • Version Info Basic, Plus, Pro, is not shown nearby the Version info

  • Check updates seems not to work yet (no plugin reaction, no popup no firewall reaction, it just changes the color)

Is Version 1.0.1 a BETA?


I think you should double check that you have the right LFO settings. There shouldn’t be any bugs that only appear in one of the LFOs. LFOs turn off if they’re not connected to anything or they’re not selected so that may be at play here.

Saved LFOs show up. I think there is a bug where you have to click off the User folder and click back onto it for it to show up. Does it show up for you then? I’ll put that fix in. If it still doesn’t show up let me know.

All Vital versions are the same binary. The difference is in the content and in requests that are made to a server. I do like the idea of having a badge or something.

The check for updates button is actually a toggle button to enable checking on startup. I’ve changed that so it looks more like a check box instead of an action button.

No, version 1.0.1 is not a beta.

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Right, Problem is just after Save the LFO. Not when i recall it from Folder.

Your right , seems like, It looks like the SMOOTH make this happen.

nice at all…thank you very much