Using Waveform 11 Free The UI Is Small

Using on My Surface Pro 7,everytime i open the plugin in Waveform it pops up right, everything plays great, just that the UI is out of whack.

All the text and buttons are scaled very small in the bottom left of the pop-up window…

for me to get around it i usually press the vital logo, and change the scaling ,and it fixes it.

but if i close it, it goes back to the bugged state.

Could it be my PC?

Theres a possiblility it could be as scaling is fine on my system, using waveform 11 free with vital on a lenovo c260 all in one.( which reminds me, I will have to replace the drive with an SSD and swap out the 4 G ram for an 8G one).

I have a fix coming that should handle this weird scaled state (in a bunch of different scenarios)