Using vital in ableton on linux using wine

im currently running ableton 10 using wine on Ubuntu 20.4 LTS, and i saw vital has a linux package, but it doesn’t appear to have actual vst files from what i can tell. will i be able to use the linux package with ableton? i currently have the windows version installed through wine but im running into the issue of not being able to install any of the content packages, leaving me with only a saw wave to use for everything.

RE: Init sawtooth only
After installing and logging in to vital, you should be prompted to download the other free wavetable presets. I assume that vital is starting in offline mode and you do not have networking capabilities in WINE, but let me know if that’s not true, and I will make you a tar with the free wavetables when I get home.

RE: Ableton
IIRC, when one installs vital, there is an option to choose your VST directory. You can then link that directory with your DAW. While on the topic of Ableton, if you are not overly committed to Ableton, there are DAWs which support Linux. Waveform11 and bitwig come to mind.

Unfortunately I don’t support running Vital through wine since I have a native linux version. You could try installing the presets manually though by downloading from

Probably would be a pain but if you figure out where it’s putting presets you could just copy a folder structure over from another computer if you were using it there.

Thanks for the reply. im assuming that since ableton itself is running through wine, vital would need to be using a windows version and not a linux version correct? i would need a linux native host program to run the linux version of vital?

Yep I believe so