Using the native linux version of Vital in FL Studio using wine

Its possible to set up the native linux version of vital for use in FL Studio under wine with a few easy steps. This treats the standalone linux app as an external synth. The newer VST versions of vital don’t work under wine at the moment, so this is a workaround for people who want to use the most recent versions.

In FLS load an instance of the “midi out” and set its port to something thats not in use. Go into settings and enable the ‘midi through Port:0’ and set it’s port to the same as the port in the midi out plugin. Open vital and make sure its output is set to “Playback/Recording through pulseaudio” and that it is set to receive midi input from “midi through port:0”. Vital should now receive the midi data and produce sound. You can also set up the cc controls so that you can use them to record any automation directly into FLS.

To get the sound back into FLS you need to setup two things.
Install pavucontrol:
sudo apt install pavucontrol
then load the null-sink module:
pactl load-module module-null-sink sink_name=nullsink

Open pavucontrol and set the playback option for vital to “Null output”, then in the recording tab set FLS to record from “Null output”. Back in FLS, assign a mixer channel for stereo recording using the drop down (on mine the only options ‘In1 - In2’). Arm the channel for recording. Now when you play your midi through FLS the output from vital should come through the channel as expected.

I haven’t figured out how to get this working with multiple instances of vital since there needs to be multiple input sources within FLS to do that and I don’t know how to create more. But this works great if you just consolidate everything as you go rather than having multiple instances of vital running simultaneously.