Using presets on Mac

Hi Im unable to get the presets here into vital. When I download them they are in .txt format. Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

did you try import bank?

Hi @itsthaeodd.
Are you using Safari perhaps? This seems to be an annoying feature of this browser.
You could either try another browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox) that doesn’t do this.
Or you could manually remove the .txt file extension that Safari is adding, so the file has a .vital extension.

Hi thanks for your reply, It didn’t solve it though, the file is greyed out when I try to import it! even used chrome 52|474x230

Are you using “Open External Preset” option on the burger menu?
Import is for banks (a pack of presets, which have a .vitalbank extension)

Alternatively, you can get presets you download into Vital via the mac file system.
On my Mac, presets go here in Music/Vital/User/Presets

to slow :snail:

should work now.