Using native linux version in FL Studio under Wine

Is there a way to run the native linux VST in FL Studio under Wine? The Windows VST technically works, but has a lot of graphical glitches.

i don’t think so. since you run your host in wine the plugin sees it as a windows program, so i don’t suppose you can load linuxvsts in there. unless there is some wrapper for windows to run linux plugins. but i don’t think such a thing exists, because why should it? (there is a reason to have it the other way around, i.e. run windows plugins in linux)

You’ll need a specific Carla version for Windows, it is listed on KXStudio repository:

The package name is carla-vst-wine. I don’t know which distro you’re using, but in worst case scenario you just have to extract the deb package like a normal archive file then copy the file to your VST folder.