Using factory presets to help sound design for commercial sample packs

Sorry if this sounds like a repost of a question I asked before, but it didn’t get answered, and I wanted to make a modification to the question.

I’ve seen sample library and vsts not allow their sounds to be used for sample packs. Vital is a synth that looks like it allows it, but I was wondering about the factory presets like “white noise” in the sampler or the oscillator shapes like “Basic Shapes” found in the factory folders. Could I use that for shaping my custom sounds like synths and percussion then use them for my own sample packs, commercially?

Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe all the factory content that comes for free with Vital you can use in your own presets commercially with no issues whatsoever. After all it would be sort of dumb if you had to use your own basic oscillator shapes, noise samples and stuff like that.
Not sure about the additional stuff that comes with the paid versions but it should probably be fine as well (unless you sell something as your own while clearly changing very little), though again, I’m not certain about the paid stuff.

Ok, thanks for the response.

Pardon me for bringing up an old thread, but is there anyone else that can expand on, further confirm or provide additional perspectives?