Using effects and filters on 1 oscillator?

How can I assign effects AND filter to one oscillator? I know this is completely noob question, but I can´t find a way how to do it. In voices menu, it allows me to select just one of the options (filter 1, filter 2, effects…), but not more options. i wanted to apply effects to a master volume, but - can´t find that option either…

I’m not 100% certain I understand your question. So you want one oscillator to be effected by filter and effects, and the other to go straight to output?
That would work by setting the other oscillators to DIRECT OUT.DirectOut
You could also set them to bypass just the filters and send the signal straight to the effects by setting it to EFFECTS.

Thank you. I will try to specify it more clearly. Lets say i created a reverb effect in vital and also set up a filter cut off. On OSC1, i can either select Filter1, Filter2, Effects etc - but not more than one option. How to do it so that OSC 1 is affected with Filter 1 and Effects (that reverb for example) at the same time? You wrote something about sending the signal to effects - how to do that? (i mean, apart from selecting Effects in that menu i was talking about).

Your standard signal route in Vital is:


You can have max 3 oscillators and 1 sample player routed to max 2 filters (each oscillator can be routed to one filter at the time or both in parallel mode, unless you use option in filter 1 or filter 2 that allows further routing between these two) that are routed to one fx chain.

You can skip filters by selecting e.g. direct out or effects in that field below volume and pan of the oscillator (that you’ve described) but you CAN NOT reroute it that the FILTER is after FX CHAIN, however you can use filter in FX CHAIN if you need that option.

Note that FX CHAIN is only one for whole Vital therefore all oscillators when routed to filter 1 or filter 2 or effects will end up with the same FX CHAIN.

Hope it clarifies it for you ^.^

Soooooooooooo to answer your question:

You just select OSC 1 output to Filter 1, because Filter 1 is already routed to Effects

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You can actually send oscillator signals to both filters in parallel. Or you can send them to one filter and that filters output to the other filter.

Literally explained it before lol:

Anyway yes, I forgot that there’s option Filter 1+2, pardon

No big deal, I just wanted to prevent a misunderstanding.:vulcan_salute:

@tmavomodry All active oscillators that are not sent to DIRECT OUT are, as @MissViolinMelody wrote, sent to the effects, either after the filters or directly, if so specified.

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Guys, thank you so much!! You truly answered my question : ) i didn´t really know that oscillators are fed to effects by default… i´ve been playing with vital for past two hours now just the way i needed thanks to you.

It’s all good <3
Thank you for pointing it out ^.^

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