Using an OSC as source for a Text to Wavetable / Vocoder OSC


First, Vital is really great! :+1:

And I want to ask, if it’s possible to route one OSC out in another OSC? Because I like to feed an Text to Wavetable OSC with an own synth sound, like typical vocoders are working? Is that still possible and how is it working?

If not, that would be great feature!

Hi @johnboehner

I don’t believe what you describe is possible now.
However, there’s lots of scope for manipulating text to wave tables sounds with the “vocode” morph and “formant” distortion effects on the oscillator:

Plus there’s the formant filter types.

Have you tried Vocode spectral morph? Depends on what kind of sound you want, but Vocode+Formant or bend can get lot of classic vocoder sounds. Or FM from other oscillator.

If you need something specific then just record the text-to-speech and use it in your favorite vocoder. Or drop it back to Vital as Vocode oscillator.