Using an lfo on odd time signatures

Hi! I was trying to turn an lfo to a sequencer for parameters (filter, volume of oscillators, etc) for 1bar of 7/8 (7 steps), but i can’t make it to sync correctly. this is the pattern that i want to have if someone can help i would really apprecιated it! Screenshot_1

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Try one of these settings:

Example with 3/4:

Thanks for responding! i tried it but it only loops for the first bar and it’s out of sync again :confused:

It would be cool if you show a screen recording of your project

Your tempo-locked frequency will only align in even divisions, so you can’t actually lock to your DAW in 7/8. You could calculate the tempo in seconds (not completely reliable) or make your LFO four 7/8 bars long so that 7 bars of 4/4 in your DAW = 4 bars of 7/8 in Vital.

thx for responding! the problem is that the music is arleady recorded at 7/8 and it would be a waste of time to re-arrange or re-write everything for vital. I tried working with seconds with an online calculator but yeah it wasn’t reliable.

I can’t, it says that new users can’t upload an attachement but i uploaded to youtube so here is the link:
I made 4 automations as you can see at the start of the video (the 4 main parameters that i want to sequence) but i want to control more parameters and it’s gonna be a pain in the ass to write all that automation for 1 patch ( the kick is for help XD)

Thank you for your video! Set your Vital’s LFO1 to 0.480 seconds in order to have it sync with 7/8 time signature for 125bpm, multiply it by 2 if you want to have it 2x slower :slight_smile:


So just make a pattern with six steps, the 3 and 6th longer, so that you get a 14/8, which is equal to a 7/4 or two 7/8
…that should align to the clock signal of your DAW