User Interface Display Bug

VST 3 Vital version 1.0.3 loads instance in FL Studio 20 like the picture below:


Daw: FL Studio v20.7.3 [build 1987] - 64 bit

OS: Windows 10 most updated version

Version of Vital: Free Version 1.0.3

VST Version Loaded as Plugin Instance in DAW: VST 3.6.13 (64bit - native)

This happened to me too, let me know if you ever fix it

Just for the record the VST 3 version loads fine here in FL Studio 20.7.3 [build 1987]- 64 Bit.

Also Windows 10 and with the 20H2 OS Build 19042.630 update.

It’s got to be a graphics adapter/driver issue or Open GL issue. Does the VST 2 version do the same thing there ?

Out of curiosity are you guys doing any scaling with FL 's GUI ?


Same issue. I’ve figured out that on my end it’s due to my monitor being rescaled to a non-native resolution. I have a 3840x2160 monitor that I scale down frequently; at its native scale the VST3 loads fine, at any other scale it does not. The VST2 version does not have scaling issues.

@eightdamion24 it’s annoying, but I figured out if you reset the GUI scale in the plugin you can reset the layout. In the correct layout the Vital logo is in the top left corner; you can click that to open the scaling settings. Click where the item should be on the layout. Then choose 100% scaling (the button lights up when you hover over it) and the layout resets. I’m just switching to the VST2 version for now, though.

@teksonik I’m on 150% Main GUI Scaling. You might be right about that causing issues. I’d have to test further.

edit: Yup, the VST3 issue is fixed when Main GUI Scaling is set back to System.

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This is my 4th(?) response about this happening on the external gaming monitor for my 2019 16" MB Pro, Logic Pro X. Has anyone seen an actual response about this issue? It seems to be happening across a number of DAWs, OS’s/platforms, monitors, etc. Rule rather than an exception? Or, ??

There are a few threads with the same error, I haven’t responded to this one though.

I have a fix coming in the next version that should cover this case but DAWs tend to report screen resolution and scaling differently and differently across OS’s so I may need to tweak it after the next build.

This should be fixed in the latest at - version 1.0.4

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