User defined Sound Categories

Having the ability to further sort sounds would make the synth more versatile. Many preset banks already resort to prepending the sound type to the preset name, but a more robust solution would be preferable and might be easy to implement

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Custom styls types are already supported but it has to be manually changed in the file; work could definitely be done to improve this.


Thats very positive, regarding a easy update for Matt. I wish he took PRs.

Could you give me a quick run down on what you know regarding adding folders? I know one can do that for LFOs by creating a folder. Are you suggesting that sounds can be organized by saving to an artist’s name such as “risers”?

Yes! You just have to create them manually from your file explorer. Sub folders can be expanded in Vital by double clicking its parent.


But does that allow us to add “User Defined Categories”? I may have read it wrong but I thought that was the request.

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