Useful Features for future Versions

  1. Filter and LFO in HZ
    It would be super cool if you could set the Cutoffs of the Filters and the Rates of the LFOs alternatively in Hz rather than in Semitones or Seconds, it’s a lot easier to visualize in my opinion.

  2. Direct out after Filter
    I’d love to see the option to be able to send the Audio to a direct out after one of the Filters, so that only the Audio going through the other Filter get’s processed by the effects, that would open up a lot of new possibilities.

  3. Distotions
    A few more Distortion Curves would be really cool, for example a Tube or Diode Form. Also maybe you could implement an option where you can draw in your own Distortion Curve similar to a Waveshaper.

  4. Remap
    A remap Feature fore Wavetables would be super cool, similar to the Remap Option in Serum.

  5. More Filters
    A few more filters would make creating some types of sounds a lot easier, for example a 6db Slope, a Reverb filter, a Ring Mod Filter or something like a High Notch Filter.

  6. Gain Knob on the Compressor
    It would be really cool tho have the Option to boost the Signal after the Compressor just using it as a Gain knob to make the Signal louder again after compressing it.

  7. Undo Button
    An undo/redo would be super helpful for the case that u mess up a Patch

I really hope u find these Suggestions helpful and implement the in future versions of Vital.
Thank u for this amazing Synth and have an awesome Day.


You can set filters in Hz by going to the Advanced tab, and then changing the little window named “Display” at the bottom-mid to Hz :blush:

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he’s talking about the lfos, not the filters

The OP asked about both.