Upgraded to pro, missing packs

Hi all,

I have upgraded to pro however checking my account my packs are only the factory content.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled vital but I don’t seem to have any additional content.

I can see on the forum other users have had a similar issue that was fixed but my account itself does not seem to reflect that I have purchased pro.

Does anyone know how to get the additional presets that come with the pro version?

PS Thank you Matt for this amazing synth.

Did you purchase through PayPal? I’ve had another user today not get the update and I traced it back to PayPal not sending me a payment notification.

As I was looking into this I finally go the payment notification (many hours later). So your account should be all set now.
I guess PayPal notifications are on an extreme lag today, I’ll need to see if there’s a better way to handle these delays in payment notifications.

Hi Matt,

Yes I can see the additional content in my account now, I’ll try and download it soon (not home at the moment).

Thanks for your quick reply and for the amazing work you do.


It should auto download the next time you start Vital