Upgraded to PRO and FL Studio won't load VST in existing songs

Works fine in new ones, but old songs can no longer load the VST properly, latest FL Studio 20.8.x. You get the window popup but the window is transparent (like it crashed internally on rendering).

I’ve been getting a couple reports of this. You can downgrade here for now: https://account.vital.audio/?product=vital

Thanks for the quick reply, Matt, but can you elaborate? This is the Vital download link. After I paid to upgrade, I closed the open FL Studio then re-opened FL Studio and it did not work again. Closed it and tried new project and this time it loaded the VST fine, but old still won’t work. Ultimately I want to upgrade, so how does downgrading work? Obviously I paid to upgrade, are you just refunding (or not processing the authorization) and then i will need to upgrade in the future when it is fixed? In other words, am I back to a Plus account to handle this for now?

Saw someone else post similar about it being 1.0.4 version so downgraded to 1.0.3 and assuming now it is not a PRO vs PLUS thing, just a 1.0.3 vs 1.0.4 thing. 1.0.3 does reload properly. Do we need to turn off auto-update to prevent it from going back 1.0.4?

UPDATE: spoke to soon. while it does reload, every preset is initialized to its original base sine sound. that is quite disappointing. is there a way back now from that?

If you’ve resaved the project it will only load the preset in 1.0.4 or later.
I’ll see about fixing this in the next version (1.0.5) which is coming out pretty soon.

One question though. If you’re on 1.0.4 and you save a project, does it load back correctly?

never tried it, as i didn’t want to corrupt the original, and then i downgraded. i will try upgrade again, create a new project, add a Vital VST, save some simple notes, save, close and re-open and see what happens. I will also copy the one I have been working on last night that won’t re-load and try saving it and then closing/reloading to see what the behavior is. I will let you know.

Ok, so far, Upgraded, Rescanned plugins, created a new project, added Vital VST, loaded fine, created small melody, saved project, closed FL Studio, re-opened FL Studio, reloaded new project, plugin in loaded with correct preset selected and melody sounded the same.

Then closed FL Studio, copied FL Studio file and made copy, Opened FL Studio, reloaded new file, decided to use their “Save new version” feature essentially does the same thing as file copy, though i suspect they have meta data that they use for the constant back up feature that might save over the original if you don’t use their “Save New Version” feature (as in copying a file/renaming outside of FL Studio may not be enough). Vital windows won’t come up. Saved the file. Closed FL Studio, Re-opened FL Studio, reloaded new saved file, still Vital windows won’t come up.

New files work fine
Old existing/Old saved again with 1.0.4 installed did not work
Reloading 1.0.3 loses all presets data (starting from scratch and since I did not put them in the track name, this is not fun)

side note: Level 8 Pack 2 is fantastic so not really an issue for my new song… swapped out some for those, but i have about 10 works that will be affected like this, i hesitate to re-open but likely there is no way back at the moment, let me know if you would like me to test something else.

Does the project sound fine before trying to open the window?
I’ve tried opening projects in other DAWs and it seems to be working fine but I’ll have to test this when I get back to my desktop that has FL.

Nope, all change to the default sine wave preset “Init Preset” so nada (assume that is the case from the sound, since i can hear it but the window you can never actually see).

so this was 3 weeks ago, any news here with the 1.0.5 update? I am still on 1.0.3 waiting…

Is it possible for you to share the broken project with me? I tried doing this myself but it was working for me but might not have followed the steps correctly.

sure, whats the best way to do so?

Can you DM me a link? I use firefox send sometimes for large files

hopefully i just did there

Yeah I got it, thanks. Will have to download a newer version of FL and try it out.

Thanks, Matt, and of course, let me know how i can help if you need more. Sadly i was going to send you the FL backup prior to the destruction and FL deletes those not in use, a new lesson for me. I am in the process of setting up backup to an external drive all project backups so at least i can get to them if needed in the future. Thanks again for looking into this and despite this, Vital is great and your work here is amazing.

Well I just played around with the project and it loads for me fine both with 1.0.5 and 1.0.4 of Vital.

I noticed that the window positions off to the side and am wondering if this is actually related to some multi-monitor issues instead of just actual plugin recall. I think some people have issues with Vital initializing on a second monitor in some DAWs.

I’d be curious if Vital breaks when loading the project with two monitors and if it instead works when loading with a single monitor plugged in if you have time to test that out.

I have three screens and 7 feet of screen real estate (i am proud of that :sob:) so this very well could be the reason. So you say it loads for you. Are the Vital sounds NOT the default sine wave when you loaded? As in, does it sound much like the original link from soundcloud i sent you? I have not had any issues with multi-monitors up to this point (with Vital)

Most of them load the preset correctly. The last instance of Vital is a default saw wave but assumed that was correct since it’s not played.

If you have 1.0.3 loaded and saved the project under 1.0.4 it will load as the init preset so that may be what you’re seeing.

I’m going to do some multi-monitor tests…

so i upgraded to 1.0.5 to see if there was difference and while that file i sent you now loaded (mostly - one sound was off), the windows are empty when i open a Vital instance. You can see the window border, but the paint method appears not to being called so it is just transparent inside. And again, a new FL file everything works fine including the Vital instance loading and displaying even multi monitor. It is just existing file that are screwed up. To add, a new song I was working on since Thursday, also saved in 1.0.3 opened just fine after installing 1.0.5 tonight. It has like 7 instances of Vital in it. Is it possible having the file opened while it upgraded causes some issue in FL Studio. Tonight i downloaded the 1.0.5 installer, closed FL and just installed it outside of FL instead of the auto-updating feature you have in the VST and except for a corrupt file issue with the one i sent you, everything else seems ok, multi monitor and everything.