Upgrade to pro version

I’ve just upgraded to pro. Do I uninstall previous version or just download pro and it will overwrite vst? Thanks

You don’t have to uninstall. You can just install updates on top of old versions to replace them.

For upgrading to Pro you don’t actually have to install a different version of Vital though. It actually downloads new content and unlocks unlimited text-to-wavetable through your account so all you need to do is restart Vital and it will auto download presets (if you’re logged in)

I’ll probably make this more clear in the future where it will show “Pro” somewhere in the synth.

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I hope this short video helps to show the steps to Upgrade from Vital Plus to Vital Pro
How to Upgrade from Vital Pro to Vital Plus

Thanks Andy

I upgraded from plus to pro but its not registering pro on my account and the money was already taken from my account, any help would be appreciated thanks.

I just manually upgraded your account so you should be all set. Sorry about the trouble!

(I wonder how many annoyed customers I need before PayPal takes this payment notification delay I’ve been having seriously.)

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Thank you I seen it refresh.