Upgrade to Pro not working as advertised

I just upgraded from free to pro. My account page says:

Packs are automatically downloaded and installed when you log into Vital

That did not happen.

What I’ve tried so far:

1 Started Vital - was logged in, nothing happened.
2 Started Vital - logged out and logged back in again, nothing happened
3. Started Vital - Logged out. Shutdown vital, Started again and logged back in, nothing happened
4. on account page, clicked on download for one pack, accepted the questions, it uninstalled
5. Installed vital again and tried again. It uninstalled vital again.



Hmm this should be working. I haven’t heard of this specific issue yet.
Can you try deleting (or moving) the Vital folder in Documents/Vital or ~/Music/Vital on mac. Your own created presets are in that folder so be careful not to delete them. Then try restarting Vital and see if it installs all the pro packs?

If not I’ll have to check a few more things.

I renamed the vital folder to vital-old. Now vital comes up with no presets. In fact, it does not create a new vital folder???

Win10 pro 20h2, 19042.746, dell xps15 9500, 64 mb, 1tb ssd, 1tb sd.

Can you double check that you’re logged in? If you click on the hamburger menu it should show “Logged in as…”

If you’re logged in there are config files in C:/AppData/Roaming/vital
Could you also delete those and restart Vital?

That did the trick. I copied over my user presets and they now show up too.

Now, how do I restore my favorites?

That should have been the .favorites file in the config directory. (Hopefully you still have that in the recycling bin?)

That worked too.

I’m 100% now. Thanks for your quick responses.