Updating Subscription Email

I updated my forum email awhile back but have been unable to figure out how to update my subscription email. When I click on the update account the only option it shows is to delete my account.

Searching the forum I see there have been similar questions that have gone unanswered.
Perhaps @Tytel has to update this manually?

I’ve been meaning to add a way to update your email address. If you send me a private message with the old and new email address I can manually change it.


How do I send a private message here?

I’m a believer in your work and a loyal subscriber, but this still needs to be addressed. Its been a couple years now, and I have another account email update and my private message to you and the Mod have gone unresponded.

Please help.

Just out of curiosity, for how long have you been waiting for their response?

24 days since my last DM to Matt @Tytel and 10 days since my DM about the issue to @Afro, the forum Mod.

That’s a long time. Tried Discord?