Updating 1.0.7 ---> Early Access - Will my Ableton Projects still work?

Hi, as you can imagine i’ve got projects using vital presets made in 1.0.7.

I’m looking to upgrade to 1.5.5 - just wondering if ableton is going to like it or not.

Really want 1.5.5 but not at the expense of the projects! :stuck_out_tongue:


This shouldnt cause any issues
But if you are worried, back up your preset folder.
If you have any issues you can re install the old version of Vital.

Also just in general, any project of mine getting close to 6 months old I tend to freeze my tracks
That way if there is ever an issue my project opens and plays fine even if the vst is broken. You can also export stems instead of freezing if that’s more your flow.
Feel free to check out other threads on the forum I’m sure there are others that asked this question as well!