Updated Price to buy "VITAL PRO" (full version) after buying only 1 Pro Sound Set?

Hi VITAL Team,
Happy New Year 2021 to you and your beautiful Dreams of Fantastic Music !
Here are my 3 problems:

1°) Do you have a way to buy VITAL Full Pro Version, in one shot, without paying twice:
• First I bought yesterday your “VITAL PLUS” version : $25
• Then I bought 1 “PRO-Soundset”: $15 “YULI YOLO”
• Now I would like to buy the “Full PRO version” of VITAL, with all its “PRO-Soundsets”
I would prefer to do it in “one shot”. (to avoid to pay more than $80, buying them separately)
But, when I start to buy the PRO Version, the price that your website ask me to pay is $80…
as if I bought nothing before… : (
–> How does it cost to pay all your “PRO-Soundsets” separately ?
–> May you help me to buy VITAL “Full Pro Version” at its best price ?

2)° What is your “philosophy” about your Prices: Are they “Fixed” or “Moving” ?
In other words:
–> Are your prices always the same, all the year, as it is at “valhalladsp,com” ?
–> Or, do you have periods of Sales with price less 20%, 30%, 50%… ?
–> Since VITAL “Full Pro Version” exists, which has been its lower price ?

3°) If you have “Sales periods”, when will be the next best month to buy VITAL PRO (full version) at its best price ?

Thank you for your Help. : )

Yeah you can get Pro discounted if you have Plus - $55
This should work now for you if you go to (I think I had a website error) https://account.vital.audio/pro

I’ll probably be changing some of the pack prices as I add more to the store. As for the Pro/Plus prices I probably won’t do a discount soon (ever?). If anything I may add content and increase the price a bit (and give existing users the new content for free)


Hi Tytel,

Thank you for your fast answer. : )
As I wrote in my first message, yesterday, I sent $40 to Matt Tydel (you ?) using PayPal.
—> “VITAL PLUS” $25
—> 1 “PRO-Soundset”: $15 “YULI YOLO”

$25 + $15 = $40

So, today, only 24h after:
VITAL PRO (full version) shouldn’t be discounted according to what I already paid ?
Am I wrong saying it should be $40 ?
Thank your your help. : )

Ah, I don’t have a setup to discount if you’ve purchased a single pack in the Pro/Plus plan.
If you buy the Pro pack and message me I can manually refund the Yuli Yolo pack tho.


Thank you Tytel for this possibility of “$15 refund”. : )
Few more questions;

1°) is it possible to listen to these additional Packs before to buy “VITAL PRO” ? --> Links ?

2°) If I buy VITAL PRO today, and if in few days or next month you add More Sound Packs in “VITAL PRO” version…
Will it be a Free update for VITAL PRO owners ?

3°) I read somewhere that Yuli Yolo was saying he was doing a new bank for VITAL, Do you know when this New Bank will be included in “VITAL PRO” ?

Thank you for your help. : )

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Sorry about the delay. If you go to https://account.vital.audio/store it will show you all the presets in Plus or Pro and you can click on them for a preview. The previews are only single notes though and don’t really represent some presets very well.

When I add preset packs to Pro, Pro users will get them for free. I do have a few more preset packs by Yuli Yolo, I may add some them to Pro or keep them separate (haven’t decided yet/when). I did add one small pack free for subscribers.