Updated FL Studio, now all my vital sounds are reset to default!

I (stupidly) just updated my FL studio version, and now , when I try to open any of my projects I get a very strange error message written in broken English, saying " There was an error open the preset. Preset file is corrupted " How can I solve this, have I really just lost years of work because of one update? Surely other FL + Vital users have encountered this?

Does the error message come from Vital or from FL studio?

Can you open the same presets in the standalone version?

Just re-install the previous FL version and see if you get it working again.

[SOLVED] I spent ages trying to figure out how to fix this, installed multiple versions of FL, and moved loads of files around. Eventually, I found a backup of my FL 21 folder from my program files, I deleted my current FL 21 folder, and replaced it with the FL 21 folder I had backed up from months ago and did a plugin scan, for some reason, despite the fact that the backed up folder is several months older than any of the projects I’m trying to load, this fixed the issue. I don’t really have an explanation for why this worked. My best advice is just to stick with your current version of FL and only update when a new numbered version comes out (e.g FL 22).

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