Unwanted smoothing behavior when automating from DAW

Ok in Vital I wanted to automate a filter cutoff by using an automation clip from FL Studio.
So I created an automation clip doing only sharp changes (like a step sequencer), then linked it to the filter cutoff in Vital.
Surprise ! the filter is moving smoothly and doesn’t change instantly like the automation’s value does.
I first thought it was an issue from the FL’s internal controller, applying smooth before going to Vital.
But no. If I try by passing the same automation first to a Vital’s macro, then macro to filter’s cutoff, then it will work as expected, doing instant changes.
It looks like an important issue since all step-sequencing types of automations do not work out of the box between FL Studio and Vital. (I tried with other knobs, some are ok, some are smoothed).
And all other automations curves from FL Studio will still have an additional smoothing effect in Vital on which you have no control.

Windows 10, FL_Studio 20.8.3 build [2304], don’t know what version of Vital I have.

Click on the “V” in the upper left hand corner to see what version of Vital you’re running. The latest version for Windows is 1.0.8 and the latest version of FL Studio for Windows is 20.8.4 [build 2553].

Try automating a macro and modulating the cutoff through the macro.

External parameter changes are smoothed for the cutoff because I don’t think i can distinguish knob control vs automation.

ok thanks I will do that