Unwanted self oscillation in analog and ladder filters in the FX section?

version 1.5.3, analog and ladder LPF 12 and 24 db in the FX section:

noticing that even at moderate resonance the filter’s buffer seems to hold on to resonance. workaround seems to be to use one of the other filter modes.

a midi off signal doesn’t fix it, which leads me to believe it’s not a stuck midi note or anything like that, but some loop in the dsp.

next i’m going to try older versions of Vital to see if the behavior is different. I’m not ready to call it a bug until I get some … feedback on this.

this could be a problem with the specific patch, so i’m going to test it a bit more to see if it’s just a random fluke. and I’ll upload the preset here as well.unwanted self resonance.vital (246.3 KB)