Unusable in Cubase - lag

Loving Vital but it’s suddenly started lagging very badly, to the extent of being unusable. If I load it independently of Cubase (was 12, changed to 13 yesterday but the issue started before that) it’s absolutely fine.

I’ve tried reinstalling (no luck) and renaming the vst3 but no joy.

Any ideas?

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Unlucky, may be just an issue with the new Cubase :frowning:

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You know what? It’s fixed itself, completely. I have literally no idea why. I uninstalled, reinstalled, didn’t work. Uninstalled a load of stuff from my PC, Steam, NVIDIA drivers etc (reinstalled the latter) and now it works.

So basically…it either seems to corrupt itself, or something else installed clashes with it?? I’d love to know what the issue is (was).

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Huh weird, glad it’s working though!
Did they maybe patch Cubase since the thread?