Undo/Redo modify bottons

Just right now, I’ve accidentally deleted 1 hour of work on Vital :man_facepalming:t2: I accidentally pressed the arrow that changes the preset and the one I was working on is obviously lost …:tired_face:
Many VSTs have the feature that allows you to undo or redo the last change made. It would be great to implement this functionality in Vital as well and in this way not to lose the work anymore.

Thanks @Tytel and all the staff of this amazing synth :pray:t2:


Yeah I just did the same thing, undo button in Logic didn’t do fix it either, really frustrating and kinda infuriating. Honestly if I could even just disable the preset buttons and the whole preset part, I would because I don’t use presets ever.

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It’s a popular request Undo/Redo Buttons

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I think undo/redo is a basic feature. What would be even better is a backup buffer or cache that would store what you have entered or changed for a preset. Then, if you slipped and hit the arrow. button, your work would still be there. The. buffer would need to to be 5-10m size. A warning message would also be useful. In Loom, for example, when you try to change presets, it asks if you want to save your work.


Matt told me that he is working on it and that it is at the top of the list of priorities to be implemented in the next versions

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