Undo / redo Ctrl - Z command

I don’t think there is a undo/redo possibility on vital. That would be very useful !


yes and +1
even topping: a pigment’s like un/redo-history would be super-duper-extra-cool

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Fully agree. The lack of undo was the first thing I stumbled upon.


A little up for this feature request !
Falcon just added undo/redo feature, I think it is now a must-have a modern synth :slight_smile:

oooh hells yeahh

It’s being worked on, possibly coming with next update (according to what Matt shared on discord) :slight_smile:

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If you own FL Studio you can use its Undo/Redo function and it will work with Vital. It might work in other DAWs as well so give it a try while you’re waiting for the function to be added in Vital.

I never use Undo/Redo in any synth even if it has them built in but it’s nice Matt is adding the feature for those who do.

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