Under LFO, what is meant by "sidechain"?

I’m curious: under your LFO presets are presets called “Sidechain”.

What exactly is meant by that, I wonder? Of course, in a DAW, it means one track influencing another (in some way).

What is it referring to here? Two things have been put into a kind of influencing relationship?

Thanks, ras

Ooo! Where is the option for sidechaining? I’m not sure what it would do, specifically, though…

Nor am I… but it would be mindblowing to think you could…

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Ohhh i found them, theyre an actual LFO shape xD i didnt realize…
I think that If you have a sidechain set up from a kick drum with a periodic rhythm then you can use the “sidechain” LFOs to accent the pumping from side chain compression. That is my guess.

Hmmm… How do you make VITAL “hear” your kick drum track?

The two Side Chain presets only emulate the sound of side chain compression — it isn’t true sidechaining. Set the frequency to 1/4 (standard kick timing), apply the LFO to the OSC level and value to your taste.

Cool, thanks.

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I only know how to side chain in Reaper.
There are some decent videos on youtube but some of them are a bit confusing.

If you are familiar with future bass it can give you a step up in making future bassy wobbly chords by routing to the level of a ocilator