"Unconfirmed" - presets banks fail to display, also can't make folders

I got a bunch of presets and attempted to load them normally. There is a folder in Vital Presets > Vital called “Unconfirmed” which has a bunch of the files in it. Not entirely sure if this indicates an issue.

Also, why am I not able to create my own folders to organize presets? Must I store all of my own presets in the “User” folder and nowhere else? I just want a place for “my good presets” and “drafts” at the very least… That seems majorly uncool for such an otherwise cool product, I mean especially on the pro version…

Clarification: There is no functional difference between Vital Pro, Subscription, Plus, or Free

I’m assuming this is your main problem? From what I can tell, you are having trouble importing .vitalbanks, can you confirm? Also, what do you mean by “load them normally”?

New folders can be created within your file browser. You can “Open File Location” to quickly navigate there. You can also click on the folder icon to expand into subfolders. Movement of presets and folder creation is currently manual outside of the synth, something I’d like to see changed.

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Thanks for the replies; I think that the presets are now all loaded correctly now that I upgraded to the new version.

The folder issue though, is actually the more vexing one...

EDIT: Previously this wasn’t working and I tried a bunch of stuff to fix it. Now it’s working and I have no idea why… well, that’s par for the course in many ways

I am doing exactly this. However, none of the subfolders I created appear within Vital, and when I move something outside the synth, even after restarting Vital (in either standalone or DAW mode + restarting the DAW), even after restarting Windows Explorer, it just disappears entirely unless I put it back exactly where it was before. I can put things into the existing folders, but new folders are not recognized.

I hope Im missing something obvious, but I'm starting to get worried about some OS or hardware level crap at this point...
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So your issues are resolved?

Yes, everything is resolved now, and shortly after I was experiencing other file system related issues in Windows generally (as I realized only when it was almost too late… less than two weeks later a 2 year old 2TB SSD died, with some of the files I’d backed up already corrupt.)

So I’m about 99% certain that was a hardware problem and nothing to do with Vital. My whole PC is running more smoothly now in fact.

Sorry for the trouble!

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