Unable to use Vital's Search Input Boxes within DAW

Hi there. I’m running the latest Vital, 1.5.5, and I seem unable to enter anything into the Search boxes (e.g, searching through presets or wavetables). This is the case when I run the plugin within my DAW (Bitwig Studio 5.x), using either VST3 or CLAP plugin formats.

The problem does not occur when I run the Vital synth standalone, outside of my DAW. In that case, entering text works fine and searching is quite snappy.

Fwiw I’m running the latest Manjaro stable with Xorg and gnome-shell as my DE. I’ve confirmed this behavior when installing Vital from the .zip installer, and when I use the Arch AUR package. This has been an issue for some time, and I wanted to report it here as I haven’t seen any other mention of this specific issue.

Vital is amazing, thank you so much for creating it!

probably has something to do with the way the daw is set up to deal with shortcuts. it’s a setting in reaper for example. i’ve had similar issues before and it could be the way vital is coded, but also there’s a big potential for ambiguous behavior depending on things like window focus or computer keyboard midi input, etc.

Just as a follow-up with some more data, this is also happening on an Ubuntu 22.04 system running gnome-shell and Wayland, and Vital 1.0.7.

I’m skeptical that it’s related to keyboard shortcuts, as even clicking my mouse into the Search box acts differently between the standalone and within-Bitwig environments - I’ll see a cursor when I click into the Search box for the standalone Vital, and I don’t even see the cursor appear when I try to click into it when running Vital within Bitwig.

I just found a partial workaround! If I open Vital within Bitwig, then open the preset browser, I can press Tab a few times and it will eventually move focus into the Search box, and then I can type things in normally.

So far this only seems to work when searching within the presets browser, I can’t seem to use the same technique to get focus in the wavetables Search box.