Unable to use vital as plugin in live 7

I cant seem to figure out how to use vital as a plugin in live. I read some of the others posts here who had the same issue, but i didn’t see anything that helped me. Also, I read the ableton manual, watched a youtube lesson, and the instructions and troubleshooting from ableton. I did the rescan many times, set the plugin folder as vital and or steinberg etc, all that, ,under preferences, and restarted, many times… but it doesnt show up in the plugin browser under the plug icon on the left. Ableton mentioned something about an installation manager from the plugin manufacturer? Maybe should i try to uninstall and reinstall vital somewhere else, or something? Also lets note, I am using a live 11 trail, and vital works just fine in there, but no can In live 7.

Hey there
Ableton Live 7 is 32 bit correct? I believe Vital requires 64 bit
Feel free to correct me but I wonder if this may be it

I think you are correct, thanks. It doesnt work on live 7. Ok lets just put it on my wish list, to make us a 32 bit version that works in older versions of live. There are things about live 7 that i like better and am used to. Including the good ol phaser and flanger ,chorus ,gate, etc…

Feel free to take a look for programs that can convert/bridge to 64bit (I forget what that’s called)