Unable to subscribe

Getting error Cannot read property ‘subscriber’ of undefined after entering card info.


download works for me … i dont have any presets though… any input?

same here. NZ. wont let me subscribe

Im not even getting the paypal link…

Same problem with subscribing, here. Same problem as @kadenfurr
I have downloaded Vital from my Account page, which seems to simply be the Free version.
It attempted to download Factory Content after opening the program and signing in. It finished, but there was no way close the window aside from the Cancel button. No presets available in the library.

having the same issue. lmk if anyone gets back to ya

same here the download worked fine but its the free version and I get the dame message as op when I put in my card info.

Same issue

Same error message using a credit card as well.

figured I’d just reply here, as I’m getting this issue too. And that verifying email made no difference. Tried 3 separate times in new tabs.

Same - Tried to subscribe this morning several times with error: Cannot read property ‘subscriber’ of undefined

Just looked into this and found the problem so it should work now!

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Also having the same issue