Unable to sign in on all plugin versions, multiple mac DAWs

Sign in works on standalone, but when I try to load VST or AU in Ableton it just hangs on sign in until it causes a crash. Am I correct in assuming this is a rollout issue and will be fixed soon? Pretty impressed with the standalone and bummed I can’t use it in tonight’s writing session. Sending good dev vibes and hope this gets resolved asap!

**edit - AU sign in works in Logic Pro X but no AU or VST in Ableton. Crashes Bitwig 3.3

**edit to update - OK so I kinda fixed it by signing in on the standalone while Ableton is running then loading the AU version and signing in. Seems to be working and not crashing. Will try in Bitwig as well.

This synth does sound pretty amazing. Very futuristic.

Glad to see you got it working! I think the reason it would glitch out in VST is because DAWs can do some funky stuff to plugins. Perhaps you have a firewall that got triggered by the plugin inside a DAW?

I checked my security settings in preferences and my Firewall is completely off.

Don’t hack me plz.