Unable to Control Phase Randomization on Oscillator When Using MIDI Controller

When triggering notes using an external midi controller (Arturia KeyStep 37) and setting the phase randomization to 0% for an oscillator notes continue to trigger starting at what appears to be a randomized phase. When I launch the notes using my computer keyboard however the phase appears appropriately the same. AFAIK this appears to be a bug.

How are you measuring phase? A video of the issue is probably the best way to track down the issue if you can make one.

Will do video when I get a chance today. I have been looking at the visualized output in Vital itself to determine whether the phase is triggering at a different phase or not so it’s possible that I’m just misunderstanding something there. I often work on my laptop with just the QWERTY keys for input, and was seeing what appears to be different behavior when using my MIDI controller at my other computer.

Here’s a video of what I was seeing

It doesn’t seem like it’s causing the individual oscs to have randomized phase which is good, but the final output seems to be different for whatever reason which seems unexpected and like it might not be intended behavior.

Ah hmm i’m pretty sure this is just be a graphical shift, not an actual audio related one.
Will check later.