UI meltdown after re-entering plugin

So my Vital is running good, everything is stellar. The problem is, when I close the VST window and then reopen it, it’s having its’ own seizure. Everything is just stacked on top of each other, it’s just unusable in this kind of state. It looks like every component is mashed into one tight room.

What should I do?

DAW: FL Studio
OS: Windows 10 64-bit
CPU: I5 4-core 2.3 GHz (3.2 in Turbo Mode)
GPU: GTX1050Ti
The whole set is a laptop.

Wait for a new version. Seems like Matt has his work cut out for him, so I’m not expecting it soon.

You should note what Operating System you’re using. Whether you’re using the VST 2 or 3 version and your system specs especially graphics adapter. The more information you give the developers the more it helps them in finding out what’s going on.

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You’re right, I just edited the post. Thank you for the reminder!

I am on FLS and Win10,x64. No issues here. Try the vst3 version. I have no issues at all with that one

Someone else reported this. Open the Vital GUI, Open the Transpose Snap window and then close Vital’s GUI. The Transpose Snap window stays open and FL Studio crashes. Only happens with the VST 3 version not the VST 2 version. Win 10 64 bit

Maybe that is a stupid question, but what is a transpose snap? English is not my first language unfortunetally and I’m not sure what to look for.

The Transpose Snap function allows you to force incoming notes to a particular scale. Click on the little circles under Pitch and the window will open. Clicking on the circles in it will allow you to select the snap notes.

It’s that window if left open when the main gui is closed that is causing FL Studio to crash but only the VST 3 version. I don’t know why anyone would leave that window open but someone did and reported the crashing issue yesterday.


yeah, no. i don’t have this issue. which version of fls are you on?

I’m now using the FL Studio Release Candidate from Dec 2nd 20.8.0 [Build 2098]. There is a new RC up today [Build 2102] and I’ll probably install it later.

Vital VST 3 no longer crashes with build 2098 but the Transpose Snap window still remains open when the main GUI is closed. It does not occur with the VST 2 version.


That is weird. I used beta3, rc1, rc2 and now rc3 and i don’t have this issue. Did you resize Vital?

I’m using Vital at 100% GUI. Someone else first reported the Transpose Snap Window issue I just confirmed it here.

  1. Open Vital VST3
  2. Open the Transpose Snap Window
  3. Close Vital’s GUI from the X on FL Studio’s upper Wrapper Toolbar.
  4. The Transpose Snap windows stays open but Vital no longer crashes in the 2098 RC.

100% reproducible here. Only with the VST 3.

Yes…same here. Thought i was using vst3 (since i mostly use vst3). I was wrong. Sorry. No issues with vst2.