UI issue when dragging to different monitor

This happens to me when I drag Vital to a different monitor. See pic.

Mac Big Sur Logic Pro 10.6!

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I have the same problem on catalina and logic 10.6 with my external.

What monitor do you have?

Samsung 34"

Yo I have the same. The 34" samsung thunderbolt monitor.

I have the same problem on 13" MBP (2020) running Catalina. External monitor is an Acer G226HQL (21", DVI).

I’m having the same problem on my first test run. MBP 2019 16", Catalina 10.15.7, Logic Pro 10.6, ASUS external, 60Hz, HDMI 1080p, VG249Q.

Also, cannot drag-risize the UI on the native Retina display

Also, location of presets or how to load them, as I keep seeing from others, is not obvious to me.

Also, is there a manual somewhere?