UI frozen Vital 1.5.5 FL Studio v21

Hi there, i’m, encountering freezing UI under Fl Studio Version 21.
These bugs occur regularly at the 5th instance of Vital in a project.

The UI is still clickable but changes only appear when I close the window and reopen it.

In other cases opening the instance window will crash the entire Project.

I reinstalled Version 1.0.7, everything went fine, but i couldn’t use my new patches, so i went back to 1.5.5. Meanwhile i also tried 1.5.4 with no results.

I also tried to fallback to the default skin and repeating the steps above.

I hope you can further assist me with this issue or give me a troubleshoot.

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I found a workaround, not ideal but it does the trick.
Just make it bridged

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My Vital 1.5.5 is the same as yours

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The fourth one always does that, just open another one (fifth and so on) it will be OK, just don’t use the fourth one.
And YES it’s a BUG.

Or. just open one of them at the time don’t have more than one UI open at the same time.