UI bugged in waveform + cursor placement issue

Hi : )
unfortunately when i use vital (both vst and vst3) in waveform, the UI only fills up 3/4 of the window that its in, is hard to read.
ive seen a few people experiencing something similar, but something i havent seen is how my cursor isnt in the right spot, (wherever my cursor looks like it is, the real hidden cursor is to the bottom left of it. i have to click randomly and hope i click on what i wanted to click on)
i have tried to change the resolution by clicking the vital icon but the entire window resizes with the same ratios.
this exact issue also happens when i try to use pendulate in waveform
i will also mention that this doesnt happen at all for me in cakewalk
here is an image to help you understand, i appreciate any help : )

Rightclick the plugin and make sure you have ‘DPI awareness’ enabled:

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it worked! thank you so much for helping a newbie out : )